The Process

Data analysis

Import your models, photos, videos as main resources to calculate every layer of details

Auto generation

Every map is automatically pre-generated. It can be used at this step or being refined later

Pixels convert

Depending of your raw picture quality, the conversion adapts each map in an uncompressed format

Materials refining

Use any automatic solution or custom tools to reach the map you are looking for

Easy exportation

The result can be exported to an all in one package in a simple click


Smart UI

Customize Xscan thanks to the magnet feature, including multiple templates depending of your 3D software.

Non destructive

Each action is completely generated in non destructive layers and packed to allow you to roll back to a previous step at any moment.

PBR ready

Materials and maps are generated to be physically based ready to reach a complete realistic lighting simulation for your model.

Automatic process

Every step can be generated in one single click with several default presets you can choose at any moment.

Highly customizable

Manual tools give you the possibility to change lighting conditions, removing every shadow and increase the detail's level.

Intuitive tools

Based on standard picture editing software's interfaces, the entire UI is delivering an intuitive feeling from the beginning.